RFmondial GmbH

RFmondial offers professional products and services for the digital broadcasting industry as well as other industries with the need for innovative hardware and software. Research, development and prototype implementation for transmitter, receiver, and monitoring technology as well as design services for various industries are part of our core business. With our broad experience in different technological areas we serve world-wide markets; "Made in Germany".


DRM Simulcast in Indonesia

RFmondial's monitoring receiver RF-SE was used to receveive DRM Simulcast at RRI...


RFmondial's products presented in Fraunhofer IBC video

RFmondial's products are well placed in Fraunhofer IIS video, which has been taken...


RFmondial supports DRM+ Tests in St Petersburg, Russia

After having officially adopted DRM30 mode in Russia, RTRS network operator and...