RFarchiver DRM/DAB

RFarchiver is the uncomplicated solution to fulfill the archiving task of your broadcasting content in a fully digital matter. Designed for the enhanced audio and multimedia services of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), the system can directly store one or several Multiplex Distribution Interface (MDI) or ETH streams for a specified period.

For analog broadcasts, AM/FM audio is compressed, time tagged and stored as well. A browser-based user interface gives straightforward access to the live and archived content and decodes audio and multimedia services online.


Benefit to the broadcaster

  • Fulfils legal requirement for broadcast archiving
  • Fully digital approach. No tapes needed.
  • Supports digital and analog radio standards (incl. DRM ,DAB, AM, FM)
  • Browser-based user interface
  • Easy access to archived and live content
  • Online audio and data decoding 
  • Data capture at studio and/or transmitter

RFarchiver Features

  • Archive: Digital archiving on a professional server system.
  • Radio standards: DRM, DAB (DABclassic, DAB+, DMB-Radio), AM, FM.
  • Interfaces: MDI via UDP/TCP, analog/digital audio.
  • Browser: Browser-based graphical user interface for configuration and archive access.
  • Access: Direct access to specific time stamp on calendar.
  • Audio: Listening to archive. Listening to live audio.
  • Multimedia: Decoding of archived multimedia services e.g. Journaline, TextMessages,  MOT Slideshow. Decoding of live multimedia.
  • Configuration: Length of archiving period configurable depending on hard disk space.

Archive system

  • Software: Server Linux OS with database and web-application.
  • Hardware: Powerful and scalable server configurable to customer requirements.


  • Transmitted content: For an exact proof of the transmitted content, a monitoring receiver directly connected or located close to the transmitter can be used as an interface to the RFarchiver.
  • Monitoring: The system can be enhanced to our RFmonitor system, for automated measuring, data transmission, and remote analyses of the reception quality of radio network.