RFmondial applies DRM data broadcasting to ships

Bremen, Germany (30 May) - RFmondial was presenting about DRM Datacasting to ships via shortwave......

During the workshop of the Maritime Cluster of Northern Germany about digitisation in the maritime economy, Dr. Jens Schroeder, managing director, was presenting about DRM Datacasting to ships via shortwave.

He reported about the ongoing and successful project between Media Broadcast and the German Navy. They investigate in how to use DRM over shortwave for encrypted data transmission for maritime broadcasting of information and entertainment to ship crews on sea.

"Digital shortwave via DRM can be an efficient and cost effective solution for the digital ship infrastructure", Jens Schroeder explained and highlighted some examples like the transmission of nautical data (ECDIS maps, weather data GRIB) or maritime safety information. The transmission capabilities of digital point-to-multipoint broadcasting can provide data services to single ships as well as naval units worldwide. Read more

One of the next projects of RFmondial is together with the United States Coast Guard. The USCG is very interested in testing the propagation characteristics of using DRM with High Frequency (HF) as a means to broadcast digital data for its ongoing project in the Northwest Passage. If successful, the USCG will investigate using the system to enhance existing means of distributing digital maritime safety information.