RFmondial at IBC 2018

RFmondial presents a complete solution for DRM and DRM+ at IBC

RFmondial shows its products at its partners Fraunhofer, Nautel, Plisch and Triada at IBC 2018.

At Fraunhofer`s booth (Hall 8, B80) RFmondial presents the new designed DAB Monitoring Receiver RF-DAB. It also shows the DAB OEM receiver and transmitter solutions at Plisch`s booth (Hall 8, D32).

Presenting a full DRM solution at Nautel`s booth (Hall 8, C49), RFmondial's displays its full DRM product line featuring ContentServer, modulator, receiver and monitoring technology.

At Triada`s booth (Hall 8, A43) RFmondial presents its full DRM+ product line.

Please contact Jens Schroeder, CEO, for scheduling a meeting at IBC (schroeder[at]rfmondial.de +49 (179) 1232059).