RFmonitor Screenshots

The Data Inspector gives a comprehensive overview over the audio availability per location and averaged over the hours of a day.
The Data Inspector can also be used to analyse a specific receiption situation incl. detailed parameter analysis and listening to audio.
Various distributed receivers are alocated one or serveral schedules and configured within a project.
The "Live Rx" tab of a projects shows the current receiption information of each receiver inc. status, FAC/SC decoding, live audio and so on.
The geographic setup of the project can be displayed on a map.
Every possible transmission configuration can be mapped with the felxible schedule configuration, i.e. single transmitter, SFN networks, various locations and so on.
In the live view various parameters can be analysed live incl. FAC/SDC decoding and live audio. Also several receivers can be compared in the live view.
In the long term view compressed historical data can be displayed incl. FAC/SDC decoding and playing of audio. Also several receivers can be compared in the long term view and statistics can be analysed.
RSCI files can be imported and allocated to a measurement receiver.
Mobile field drives can be analysed and exported to Google Earth.