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World’s firsts DECT NR+ demonstrators supported by RFmondial

During the first public workshop of the Franco-German research project MERCI ("MERCI stands for “Media and Event Production via Resilient Communication on IoT Infrastructure”) several DECT NR+ demonstrators were supported by RFmondial’s technology. Among these demonstrators several “world’s firsts” could be experienced:     

MERCI lead by Sennheiser was started in 2022 with the goal to demonstrate the capabilities of the DECT NR+ technology as 5G private networks in a non-cellular approach. Within this project RFmondial develops both hardware and software solutions based on the NRF91 series manufactured by Nordic Semiconductor. RFmondial has designed a PCB customized for specific applications as well as dedicated firmware to build wireless networks. The focus on applications for event and media production has now firstly been demonstrated and will be further developed in the remaining second part of the project.


19.4.2024, Hannover