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Thursday, 01 September 2022

RFmondial has successfully tested DAB rebroadcasting in the case of a disaster

Hannover - In the event of a failure of the distribution link (modulation lines) to digital radio transmitters (DAB+), a stable radio broadcasting provision to the population must be guaranteed. As recent events have shown in the event of a disaster, broadcasting coverage in particular is an essential building block for informing citizens, since mobile phone networks are usually the first to fail. In order to increase the reliability of the broadcast an alternative distribution must be used during standard link failure (land-based lines in the event of flooding or satellite reception in the event of storms).

For this purpose, RFmondial has developed a system that uses the regular air interface for the distribution, the so-called rebroadcasting. Those DAB+ transmitters that are no longer able to receive their standard link receive the program over the air from another DAB+ transmitter, convert it to a different frequency (channel) and transmit it again with a short time delay. This transmitted program is now received by one or more other DAB+ transmitters and broadcast again on a different frequency. This guarantees nationwide broadcasting coverage even in the event of a disaster. In addition, the control of the transmitters can as well be maintained via a data channel hidden in the DAB+ broadcast.

The RFmondial technology was developed and tested in a field test in Hanover. For this purpose, a multiple frequency network (MFN) was operated, with a DAB+ transmitter (channel 5A) serving as the basic network transmitter in Hanover Hemmingen and another DAB+ transmitter (channel 7C) serving as a transmitter in rebroadcasting mode in Hanover Nordstadt. In addition to testing the rebroadcasting technology, the suitability of DAB+ receivers for switching to the now changed transmission frequency (service follow) has been examined. Manufacturers of consumer and automotive receivers took the opportunity to test and, in some cases, improve their receivers with regard to rebroadcasting.

New developments by Plisch GmbH from Viernheim were used as DAB+ transmitter systems, which are equipped with various redundancies and thus ensure trouble-free operation. The complete product portfolio can be found at

A detailed project description can be requested from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Studentenjob / Praktikum bei RFmondial

Hannover - RFmondial sucht aktuell Studierende, die Lust und Freude haben, browserbasierte GUIs für Messgeräte des digitalen Rundfunks mit neuester Webtechnologie zu bauen. Dabei werden insbesondere Javascript, Angular sowie MQTT als Datenlieferant eingesetzt. Mehr Details und eine Aufgabenbeschreibung finden sich hier.
Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Online Sitzung des Deutschen DRM-Forums 2021

Die jährliche Sitzung des Deutschen DRM Forums fand am 17. November als ein Online-Event statt. Die 18 teilnehmenden Mitglieder repräsentierten die Bereiche Rundfunkveranstalter, Administration, Forschung und Anwender.
Hauptthema war der Informationsaustausch über die weltweiten DRM-Aktivitäten. Dazu gehörten u. a. der erfolgreiche Feldtest von DRM Ausstrahlungen im UKW-Band in Indien sowie in St. Petersburg, Aktivitäten an den Lang- und Mittelwellensendern in Kalundborg (Dänemark) sowie ein Ausblick auf DRM-Anwendungen im Bereich Schifffahrt, einschließlich der Handelsschifffahrt und der Marine. Die neue Möglichkeit, DRM am Handy und Tablet  zu empfangen, sowie die eindrucksvollen Rollout-Zahlen der Autos mit serienmäßigem DRM-Empfang in Indien wurden vorgestellt. Bei YouTube finden sich mit den Suchworten „DRM receiver und DRM receiver smartphone“ diverse sehenswerte Präsentationen über die derzeitigen DRM Empfänger..
Der zukünftige Fokus des Deutschen DRM Forums ist auf die effiziente und kostengünstige Nutzung des UKW-Bandes mit DRM im Hinblick auf Abschaltungen analoger UKW-Übertragungen in Europa gerichtet.
Monday, 18 October 2021

RFmondial entwickelt alternative Programmzuführung zu DAB+ Sendern im Katastrophenfall

Hannover – RFmondial führt im Rahmen der Entwicklung von Lösungen zur alternativen Programmzuführung zu DAB+ Sendern im Katastrophenfall einen Feldversuch in Hannover unter realen Bedingungen durch. Bei Ausfall von Programmzuführungen (Modulationsleitungen) zu Digitalradio-Sendern (DAB+) muss eine stabile rundfunktechnische Versorgung der Bevölkerung gewährleistet sein. Dazu wird von RFmondial ein System entwickelt, welches eine Luftschnittstelle für die redundante Programmzuführung nutzt, das sogenannte Rebroadcasting.


Weitere Informationen sind der aktuellen Pressemitteilung zu entnehmen.
Monday, 27 September 2021

GatesAir uses RFmondial Equipment for its Research

Illinois / Quincy – GatesAir, market leader for solutions of over-the-air-broadcasting, uses RFmondial equipment for its research and development. As seen in a current YouTube Video, Dave Kroeger (software engineer / GatesAir) is testing single frequency networks to improve the quality for digital radio standards like Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM).
RFmondial supports the GatesAir testbench with its RF-SE19 DRM measurement and monitoring receiver to verify the perfomance of the testsystem. Check out the GatesAir Video on YouTube and click here.
Thursday, 01 July 2021

News Article about the DRM-Trial in the FM-Band in India

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur - The Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union issued an informative and well structured report about the successful demonstration and trial of DRM in the FM-band in India in its Technical Review, public edition No. 286.

The news article desribes amongst others the test setup for the measurement vehicle, which was fitted with the professional RFmondial DRM Monitoring Receiver RF-SE19. It reports about the RFmondial DRM Modulator RF-LV using to prepare combined DRM / FM signals in various configurations as well as about the use of the professional RFmondial Monitoring Receiver RF-SE12 for the recording of the reception parameters during field measurements.

For the detailed report, please click here.
Thursday, 01 July 2021

RFmondial monitoring tools supports Australian National DAB+ Rollout

Melbourne, June - Paneda and Agile Broadcast have recently completed a sizeable national deployment of DAB+ software, hardware and implementation services to provide a comprehensive, national Digital Radio Multiplexing solution.

A total of 16 multiplexers have been commissioned in only two geographically diverse data centers, with over 140 audio encoders deployed at client contribution sites nationally. Despite this widespread installation, a simple web interface to the Paneda multiplexer provides all user and configuration requirements for the entire national solution.

During rollout, the comprehensive monitoring of the DAB+ Broadcast systems was performed by the RFmondial DAB monitoring tools. RFmondial developed virtual instances of the RF-DAB Monitoring receivers to monitor all aspects of ensemble data at the two data centers, whilst the professional stand-alone RF-DAB monitoring receivers are located at each transmitter site - further validating the delivery of a compliant EDI Stream to each transmission hand-off point.
Thursday, 25 March 2021

RFmondial supports India Trial of DRM radio standard in the FM band

New Delhi / Jaipur - The international DRM Consortium has just concluded successfully the demonstration and trial of the DRM digital radio standard in the FM band in New Delhi and Jaipur on March 22th 2021.
As well as other members of the DRM Consortium like Fraunhofer IIS, Nautel or NXP, RFmondial gave its full support and provided its Monitoring Receivers RF-SE12 and RF-SE19 and the DRM Modulator RF-LV.

In Delhi, the trial demonstrated how to transmit a single DRM signal and multiple pure digital DRM signals side-by-side from the same transmitter, using also DRM`s simulcast option by putting on air both an analogue FM and a digital DRM signal from a single transmitter.

In Jaipur, the DRM Consortium showed on a separate antenna on the same tower for the first time in a live on-air environment, how Multi-DRM configurations with 4 and even 5 DRM blocks can efficiently use the white-spaces in-between two existing analogue FM services, while not effecting the reception of those ongoing FM services at all.

During the demonstration, DRM clearly showcased that the DRM standard used in the FM band is backward compatible. The DRM receivers in operation during the trial all supported DRM in both AM and FM bands. They comprised car receivers, DRM reception on mobile phones and tablets, portable and desktop radios as well as professional monitoring receivers.

For more details, please read Press Release.



Monday, 25 January 2021

RFmondial supports FM DRM Trial in Russia

St. Petersburg - The Russian company Digiton Systems has been carrying out a high-power field trial of the DRM standard in the FM band using the simulcast mode. The simulcast transmission started in St. Petersburg in 2019, and the company has just made public the first trial results.

The Russian television and Radio Broadcasting Network ordered and funded the effort with support by the russian transmitter manufacturer Triada-TV and some key members of the DRM Consortium. Also Dr. Albert Waal, Managing Director of RFmondial GmbH, helped enable the system to be tested in a real commercial environment with a wide variety of reception condition.
The objective of the simulcast DRM and analog FM demonstration was to measure the coverage performance of DRM in the FM band and to verify the predictions made for the coverage area. One of the main focus of the trial is to find out that there no interference to analog FM by DRM during simulcast transmission.

Overall coverage was measured by driving along all major routes through the region, around 1800 kilometers in total. One of the test vehicles was equipped with a RFmondial RF-SE19 professional monitoring receiver. Also the RFmondial DRM ContentServer and the RFmondial modulator RF-LV has been used for the transmission test equipment. The trial is continuing at the moment.
For further information concerning the first test results please visit the Digital Radio Mondial website.
Tuesday, 15 December 2020

TechUpdate: Flash Player Support ends by the end of 2020

San José / Hannover - Adobe Flash has been for a very long time the leadership technology for interactive web applications. But at the end of 2020, Adobe will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player Support. This includes the support of all major browsers, i.e.Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer.

The discontinuity of Flash Support will also affect the DRM / AM Monitoring Receiver Product Line RF-SE of RFmondial, for example the remote user interface will not work anymore, and no updates including any security patches can be performed anymore.

As a result, RFmondial has developed a fresh advanced user interface using state-of-the-art HTML5 technology, which natively runs in all major web browsers. The development based on RFmondial`s long-term experience in the design of graphical measurement interface and has already been applied in the DAB Monitoring Receiver Product Line RF-DAB.

For detailed information please contact Jens Schroeder, CEO, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), +49 (179) 1232059 or click here.
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