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DAB Logging System RFarchiver

RFarchiver is a fully integrated, pure digital solution for comprehensive archiving of the entire broadcast content.


Basic Features

RFarchiver is an uncomplicated solution to fulfil the logging task of your broadcasting content in a fully digital matter. Designed for the enhanced audio and multimedia services of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), the system can directly store one or several Multiplex Distribution Interface (MDI) or Encapsulation of DAB Interfaces (EDI) streams for a specified period of time. For analog broadcasts, AM/FM audio is compressed, time tagged and stored as well.

The intuitive browser-based user interface gives straight forward access to the live and archived content and decodes audio and multimedia services online, such that no software installation is necessary.

Benefit to the broadcaster

  • Fulfils legal requirement for broadcast archiving
  • Proof of advertisement broadcast
  • Serves as tool for content verification
  • Full digital approach. No tapes needed
  • Supports digital & analogue standards (DRM, DAB, AM, FM)
  • Browser-based user interface
  • Easy access to archived content to the second
  • Online audio and data decoding
  • Data capture at studio (e.g. from ContentServer), transmitter, during distribution, and/or off-air (e.g. DAB monitoring receiver RF-DAB)