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Datacasting Receiver RF-SE2

Professional Datacasting

RF-SE2 is a professional datacasting receiver, to be used for applications, where reliable data provision is required. Due to its flexible design, various digital radio standards (e.g. DRM, DAB) can be used to transmit data to local, regional or worldwide receiption locations.



  • Stand-alone receiver for reception analysis and content verification
  • Field-proven demodulator for DRM, DAB
  • Fully compliant to digital radio standards
  • Integrated audio and data decoder and all data services
  • Advanced GUI to evaluate receiver characteristics in real-time
  • Browser based configuration and services decoding.
  • Various interfaces to communicate with external devices & applications
  • Wifi and/or Bluetooth connectivity


  • Siren control via Emergency Warning Feature (EWF)
  • Differential GNSS for e.g. precision farming, autonomous driving
  • Nautical data, e.g. ECDIS, maps weatherdata GRIB, AIS
  • Maritime Safety Information, e.g. NAVTEX / NAVDAT, SAFTEY-Net
  • Informational services, e.g. remote schooling
  • Digital signage
  • Secured proprietary data
  • Document management, training material
  • One-way email