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DRM Modulator/Signal Generator LV


The LV Series DRM modulator familiy uses MDI-delivered radio content to produce a modulated and/or RF-transformed radio signal which conforms to ETSI ES 201980:

  • Highly reliable embedded platform
  • Superior performance (MER > 45dB with > 20dB distance to spectral mask)
  • Supports SFN, transmit diversity, crest factor reduction, spectrum shaping and pre-correction
  • Synchronization via GPS, NTP or MDI (patent pending)

Related products

For generating full audio and multimedia DRM signals, we propose the RFmondial DRM Modulator LV together with RFmondial DRM ContentServer (based on Fraunhofer technology).


  • DRM-AM or DRM-FM as a stand-alone 1RU product
  • Circuit-board to be integrated in transmitter 
  • Embedded object-code (IP core)