Energy production is a complex task which handles a broad variety of technologies. RFmondial has experience in the following fields, which can be leveraged for you special application:

  • Monitoring technologies for (offshore-) windparks
    • Circuit boards for sensor data caption
    • Robust, failsafe measurement devices incl. operating system
    • Intelligent data compression
    • Reliable data communication to the control center
    • Wired and/or wireless communication
    • Professional user interface for control and measurement analysis
    • Database system for long-term storage and ompression
    • Platform for algorithm and data evaluation
  • Signal procession for the drilling industry
    • Detection of failure modes
    • Algorithm modeling and design for sensor fusion
    • Simulation environments for algorithm development
    • Matlab / Simulink / C envrionments

Available languages: English, German, French, Russian

Certifications: Quality management ISO 9001:2015