Experience and competence are essential for a successful installation and economical operation of digital audio broadcasting equipment. We can offer consulting, implementation, monitoring and field trials for the broadcasting industry:

  • Transmitter and receiver technologies for radio broadcasting standards, e.g.
    • DRM, DAB, HD-radio, AM, FM as well as OFDM based systems
  • Monitoring and analysis of transmitted and received signal and content quality, e.g.
    • Field trials, long-term monitoring with our RFmonitor system
  • Sophisticated algorithms development and evaluation, e.g.
    • crest factor reduction, receiver diversity, zero power prevention
  • Technology consulting for digital broadcasting e.g.
    • Workshops and demonstrations of DRM30 and DRM+
  • Test strategy support, e.g.
    • Setting up a combined DRM+ and FM field trial
  • Technical consulting in related fields, e.g.
    • Video coding and transmission, localization technologies and systems
  • Technical and economical scenario analysis for decision support, e.g.
    • Choice of transmitter network
  • Support of transmitter configuration, e.g.
    • Adoption of the tender stage and supplier choice
  • Standard verification and cross-compliance testing of various digital radio broadcasting standards
  • Data broadcasting to ships via Digital Radio Mondial (DRM)

Available languages: English, German, French, Russian

Certifications: Quality management ISO 9001:2015