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RFmondial supports India Trial of DRM radio standard in the FM band

New Delhi / Jaipur - The international DRM Consortium has just concluded successfully the demonstration and trial of the DRM digital radio standard in the FM band in New Delhi and Jaipur on March 22th 2021.
As well as other members of the DRM Consortium like Fraunhofer IIS, Nautel or NXP, RFmondial gave its full support and provided its Monitoring Receivers RF-SE12 and RF-SE19 and the DRM Modulator RF-LV.

In Delhi, the trial demonstrated how to transmit a single DRM signal and multiple pure digital DRM signals side-by-side from the same transmitter, using also DRM`s simulcast option by putting on air both an analogue FM and a digital DRM signal from a single transmitter.

In Jaipur, the DRM Consortium showed on a separate antenna on the same tower for the first time in a live on-air environment, how Multi-DRM configurations with 4 and even 5 DRM blocks can efficiently use the white-spaces in-between two existing analogue FM services, while not effecting the reception of those ongoing FM services at all.

During the demonstration, DRM clearly showcased that the DRM standard used in the FM band is backward compatible. The DRM receivers in operation during the trial all supported DRM in both AM and FM bands. They comprised car receivers, DRM reception on mobile phones and tablets, portable and desktop radios as well as professional monitoring receivers.

For more details, please read Press Release.