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RFmondial supports FM DRM Trial in Russia

St. Petersburg - The Russian company Digiton Systems has been carrying out a high-power field trial of the DRM standard in the FM band using the simulcast mode. The simulcast transmission started in St. Petersburg in 2019, and the company has just made public the first trial results.

The Russian television and Radio Broadcasting Network ordered and funded the effort with support by the russian transmitter manufacturer Triada-TV and some key members of the DRM Consortium. Also Dr. Albert Waal, Managing Director of RFmondial GmbH, helped enable the system to be tested in a real commercial environment with a wide variety of reception condition.
The objective of the simulcast DRM and analog FM demonstration was to measure the coverage performance of DRM in the FM band and to verify the predictions made for the coverage area. One of the main focus of the trial is to find out that there no interference to analog FM by DRM during simulcast transmission.

Overall coverage was measured by driving along all major routes through the region, around 1800 kilometers in total. One of the test vehicles was equipped with a RFmondial RF-SE19 professional monitoring receiver. Also the RFmondial DRM ContentServer and the RFmondial modulator RF-LV has been used for the transmission test equipment. The trial is continuing at the moment.

For further information concerning the first test results please visit the Digital Radio Mondial website.