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Annual Meeting of German DRM Forum

Königs Wusterhausen - The German DRM Forum met on 02nd and 03rd September 2020 at the Cultural Hall of the "Museum of Broadcast and Radio Technology" in Königs Wusterhausen (KW) near Berlin. Chairman Detlef Pagel from RFmondial GmbH welcomed many participants of the industry and the scientific community, broadcasters and network operators. The German DRM Forum is considered as common information and communication platform for the members of the DRM Consortium and for all DRM-Supporter in the german-speaking area, as well as for DRM interested parties.

One of the topics discussed was the future use of DRM in VHF band II to compensate the switching-off of FM broadcast. Concerning this issue, the participants of the meeting were informed about a field trial in Kopenhagen / Denmark starting in 2020. Further important topic was the DRM datacasting to critical infrastructure like hospitals or power stations.

On this occasion, a diverse number of digital receivers have been handed over to the "Museum of Broadcast KW" for its scheduled exhibition of digital radio in 2021. For more donations, please contact Rainer Suckow This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Chairman of the "Förderverein Sender KW", who will be pleased about more discarded digital equipment.