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RFmondial supports DRM shortwave transmission of Radio Marti

Greenville, North Carolina - Radio Marti began DRM shortwave transmission on February. Part of the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), Radio Marti broadcasts news and other programs to Cuba.

For these successful transmissions, they also use RFmondial DRM ContentServer, as well as the RFMondial Monitoring Receiver RF-SE12 and the RFmondial Livewire audio router RF-LW. The DRM shortwave transmissions are from USAGM`s Greenville, North Caroline, site.

The intension of USAGM for these tests is to gain experiences with dfferent modes and services available on DRM, as reported by the professional journal "Radio World". In addition, they also want to help to push the development of low-cost receivers.