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BBC and Encompass have been successfully enabled by RFmondial for the DRM education project test transmission 

BBC and Encompass have been transmitting DRM for testing the distribution of audio, text and graphics in parts of the world where the internet is not available.

The broadcast has been transmitted via a shortwave RIZ transmitter, which has been upgraded by RFmondial’s DRM Exciter LVe to be capable of performing DRM as best as possible.

The upgrade of the RIZ transmitter was necessary, as RIZ company is not on the market anymore and spare parts are not available. RFmondial’s latest developments include a fully digital broadcast exciter, which is tuneable within the longwave, mediumwave and shortwave frequency bands as well as in VHF. In joint forces with the highly skilled experts at Encompass’s Woofferton transmitting station in UK, RFmondial integrated the RIZ control system into its exciter and fine-tuned the development such that not only the demanding performance requirements of DRM are met but also pure analogue and simulcast transmissions. The final confirmation of the installation has been made during the successful second public test of BBC and Encompass in early August to prove that DRM is a suitable distribution platform for audio, text, graphics and everything that is needed for education required in parts of the world where the internet is not available.

After the successful installation at Woofferton BBC and Encompass are planning to upgrade other transmitters as well with RFmondial’s broadcast exciter, which can be used not only for RIZ transmitters, but any other transmitter manufacturers including Transradio, Thomson, and Continental Electronics.

Hanover, London 30.11.2022