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RFmondial extends radio monitoring platform with DAB, DRM, FM, AM, EDI and MDI


For many years, RFmondial has proven to deliver high performance measurement and monitoring equipment for digital radio standards DAB and DRM. With the latest developments, analogue standards FM and AM can be included into the measurement devices. The system can decode up to 4 RF inputs and an unlimited number of distribution-streams (EDI or MDI) – all streams, all services, all audio, all data, all in parallel.

The modular platform enables the customer to select the best and cost-effective setup for his desired application. If RF inputs are necessary, a 1 RU housing with up to 4 RF inputs is supplied. If only distribution inputs are desired, the system can be installed natively on a server PC or in a virtual environment.

Some example configurations are

  • a DAB SFN monitor with absolute SFN timing measurement over ±60 seconds,

  • the same device with 4 RF inputs separated by IP address to save rack space,

  • a DAB monitor which decodes from RF and monitors in parallel the feeding EDI

  • a combined DAB and FM monitor to invest in new technology, but being able to still decode analogue services

  • a combined DRM, MDI, and AM monitor to fully examine a shared distribution on a shortwave or medium wave transmitter

  • a DAB network distribution monitor with several EDI inputs, being able to not only check the consistency of the stream but also of the content, e.g. silent detection on all audio services in parallel

Furthermore, specific measurement applications like spectrum mask compliance, single frequency network dimensioning, or field measurement campaigns are possible as well.

To experience the capability of the system, you can visit RFmondial at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam. Further information can as well be found for DAB, DRM, AM, and FM.

Hanover, 20.09.2023